"Eye of the Wind", Vancouver (CA)


In the following video you will learn how one of our clients created an unique combination of wind energy & pleasure.

The launch of Vancouver's first commercially viable wind turbine provides an enduring symbol of Grouse Mountain's commitment to sustainability. The Eye of the Wind is not only a wind turbine, it is the only one of its kind in the world equipped with an elevator accessing a panoramic ViewPod®, providing a close-up view of wind energy at work and a jaw-dropping 360-degree view of city and wilderness. 

Wind turbines that not only generates electricity for a whole village but also attracts many tourists who marvel at the sight, creating a spectacular landmark and attraction. 


Our mission is creating unique Wind Energy Experiences.

The ViewPod® is our concept to combine the production of green wind energy with something special. The Viewpod® is an extension in form of a platform that can be integrated to a single wind turbine or wind park.

Customizable: Design your own wind energy experience. Our ViewPod-Projects are customizable and can be designed according to your imaginations. As part of a leading technology group we have a long experience in the development of special projects 

Unique and Remarkable: The ViewPod® can transform every project into something unique and remarkable and has a wide range of application possibilities

Double Revenues: Make a profit when the wind is still and make a double profit when the wind blows. With the new amusement add on to your wind turbine for example you can have people observe the countryside from an elevated or you can make your wind turbine a spectacular landmarkviewpoint

Green Energy & Pleasure: The ViewPod® is our concept to combine the production of green energy with pleasure or simple something special. It is the proof that green energy could be more than the production of electricity, it's also an adventure, a new experience  


As an Architect, Urban Planner or Engineering Consultancy you always have a great idea in mind and you want create something unique, something extraordinary. What about a spectacular landmark? A symbol for the transition to green energy? A new form of entertainment? Or a place for exclusive events?

Contact us. Our experts will give you a free consultancy and evaluate your vision. 


Leading Technology Group

ViewPod® is a product of LEITWIND, which is part of High Technology Industries, a group of technologically innovative companies with more than 3.300 employees worldwide and an turnover of 770 million Euro Learn More

DirectDrive & LeitDrive

Our inhouse developed and patented gearless drive system DirectDrive and the LeitDrive frequency converter in combination with our experience in sophisticated wind power, ropeway and urban mobility projects are the keys for the success of our ambitous ViewPod projects - Learn More

24/7 Monitoring and Assistance 

LEITWIND CUSTOMER CARE emerges from the need to offer a high-quality value added service. Thanks to the way in which it manages its competencies, LEITWIND controls and plans assistance processes and optimises them while minimising waiting times. Learn More


Design you own project

Every project is customizable and can be something special and unique: For example a spectacular landmark, a symbol for the transition to green energy or a new form of entertainment. Gain Energy & Pleasure

Turnkey Projects 

You have the vision, we have the key 

We offer turnkey projects, including project management, project design, hardware, installation, automation, commissioning and optimization. Turn the key

Special Projects

High Technology Industries has a long experience in the development of innovative special projects, including wind power, urban mobility or entertainment. For example The Eye of the Wind, The London Eye, British Airways i360, Macau - Golden Reel 


"The long experience of Leitwind in installing leading-edge wind power technology into spectacular mountain terrain and the synergies with the HTI group were the keys to success for this ambitious turnkey project. With Leitwind we had a great and reliable partner on our side."

Friedl Kaltenegger, Owner and operator of the ski area Salzstiegl (Austria)

"The ViewPod is the perfect match between an innovative idea, entertainment, sustainability and environmental awareness. I recently visited the ViewPod in Vancouver and it was an impressive experience"

Kenkichi Sato (Professor: Mechanical Engineering, ex-Chiba University)

"People need to come and see this, because it's different, it's innovative, it's ambitous and it's just the right thing to do"

Stuart McLaughlin, President Grouse Mountain Resort Ltd.